Recent legislative amendments have introduced changes to certain planning regulations in France. The two main ones concerning Planning Permit applications are as follows:

(1)     SHON and SHOB replaced

The way in which the surface area is referred to in Planning Permit applications has been modified. The 'SHON' (Surface Hors Oeuvre Nette) and 'SHOB' (Surface Hors Oeuvre Brute) have been replaced by the Surface du Plancher and Emprise au Sol

(2)     Constructions below a surface area of 40 m2

In those communes where there are local planning regulations (PLU, POS or other, such as carte communale), for new constructions where there is an existing building in urban zones, the surface area above which a Planning Permit is required for new constructions such as a shed, garage and extension has been raised from 20m2 to 40m2. Below this surface area, the owner must submit a simple Déclaration des Travaux to the Mairie.