As of 1st January 2011, it is obligatory to display the energy performance classification of all real estate properties in all sales or rental publicity. Previously, this obligation only applied upon the actual sale of a property.

Consequently, for all new or existing mandates of sale, the property owner is required to commission a suitably qualified surveyor in order to undertake and draft this report. This legal obligation also applies to private sales.

The obligation to display the results only concerns the energy classification and thus does not apply to the classification relating to greenhouse gas emissions. There are norms to respect in relation to the size of the display depending upon the nature of the advertising materiel.

Legislative References:

The law no. 2010-788 of 12 July 2010 for national undertakings in relation to the environment (known as 'Grenelle II'), published in the Official Journal of 13th July 2010, created article L.134-7-3 of the Construction and Housing Code:

"From 1st January 2011, in the event of sale or rental of a real estate property, the classification of the property in relation to its energy performance is mentioned in the advertising concerning its sale or rental, according to the requirements laid down by Council of State decree."

The Decree no. 2010-1662 of 28th December 2010 relating to the displaying of the energy classification of buildings in property advertising was published in the Official Journal of 30th December 2010.